Yes even the E.B. is amused by crazy cat videos uploaded to the Net.  There’s just something hilarious with watching cat behavior.  All of these cat videos make me wonder what the hell is going through this animal’s mind.  They’re very inquisitive beast, which is why they usually end up in awkward situations that make them YouTube stars.  In this particular video a cat is having the damnedest time trying to score some cake.

This little a-hole is trying to burn a hole through the plastic box just to get to the goods.  I love the determination and never say die attitude this little guy is exhibiting.  Maybe if we all worked this hard to score some cake we wouldn’t be a country full of Jabba the Hutt’s relatives.  I like when he looks at his owner and is like, “What’s so funny greaseball, maybe your arteries wouldn’t look like a tube of butter if you put forth half of the effort I do to grab some sweets!”  Check out this little guy’s mission below.  You’ve been scratching for some cake as well…

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Via [FunnyorDie]


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