For anyone that has braved the treacherous waters of Xbox Live this video will resonate with you.  I can guarantee everyone of you has ran across a kid like Samoa Joe while playing a competitive game on-line.  These little turds inhabit Xbox Live like angry little trolls who have something to prove to everyone.  There still hasn’t been a better Xbox update than the one that implemented party chat.  Ever since then I haven’t had to deal with kids like this.  What a relief – it was even better than Preparation H.

Give the video a chance even though it’s long.  I promise you it pays off in the end.  Plus I know as a gamer you’ll enjoy what the Federation of Asshole Gamers pull off with this prank.  You Jelly is a classic character, and he really has a nice finish planned for Samoa Joe.  Check it out and see what I mean.  This kid gets pwned!  You’ve been privy to the joys of the on-line generations.


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Via [Haloaholes]


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