Video: David Gilmour and Roger Waters Reunion

If you don’t know who David Gilmour and Roger Waters are, you might as well stop reading this because you probably think Justin Bieber is a musical talent.  These guys are rock Gods who played in one of the best bands of all-time, Pink Floyd.  You don’t get bands like this in the age of auto-tune bullsh*t and cookie cutout pop singers.  If you know any history of the band this video will intrigue you.  Basically, Roger Waters was one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, and David Gilmour was a replacement for one of the bands creators, Syd Barrett.

Eventually, a huge rift developed between David and Roger in regards to the musical direction the band was taking.  Once “The Wall” was completed Pink Floyd put out one more album as the original group, and then Waters was basically forced out of Floyd.  Talk about a major bone!  How would you like to get kicked out of something you started?

From the ealry 80’s until now, Roger has basically been banished from Pink Floyd.  Most of the members dislike him, with David having much disdain for Roger.  That’s why when these two get together it’s a huge deal.  On 7/10/10, Roger and David put their differences aside for the Hoping Foundation.  This foundation helps Palestinian refugess do something.  Maybe they give them more guns to fight the Israelis, but I’m not entirely sure.  Little events like this give all Floyd fans hope that one day before they all die, they’ll get together and do a fairwell tour.  I’m not holding my breath, but we can dream.

I highly suggest letting the video play to the end if you’re a Pink Floyd guy or girl.  It’s about 27 minutes long, so just let it play in the background.  I just enjoyed watching these 2 legends jam together, even though it seems a little uncomfortable for them to still be around each other.  It feels like Roger really wants to be back in David’s good graces, but I still don’t think Gilmour is down for that.  There’s nothing like a scorned Englishmen!  Check it out below.  You’ve been wishing you were there…

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