Video: Droid X Signal Loss According to Apple Fanboys

I was sent a video last night of the new Motorola Droid X losing signal when held in a death grip, which is very similar to the iPhone 4’s issue.  I have some problems with this video, and I hope you do too after watching it.  First off, the video was posted on Apple’s YouTube page, or someone posing as Apple, which seems very suspect to begin with.  The next issue is the quality of the video itself.  This video looks like Steve went out and hired Christopher Nolan to film it.  It’s way too professional to be legit.  If the Droid really is having the issues like the 4, then why are there no user made videos on the web?  The next red flag is that the video has comments turned off for it.  People only do this on YouTube when they don’t want someone challenging their video, or if they’re from China.

I’ll give the fanboys credit though.  They are trying to justify the iPhone 4 issue the same way their Lord and savior is by trying to bring every other competitor into their quagmire of engineering mishaps.  I’m not one to play favorites, so I will post the video for you below.  If you don’t have your Apple glasses on I think you’ll agree with me that the demo is highly staged.  It seems Apple Nation is taking to a new mantra – “If you can’t beat them, at least drag them down to our level!”  You’ve been faked…


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