Video: Drugs + Glowsticks = Awesome Toilet Water!

I found this video on and I instantly asked myself, “How many drugs did these guys smoke?”  In fact, one of the dudes in the video actually says something along the lines of, “Yeah man I didn’t think I was THIS high!”  Regardless of the implied drug use or not, this video is awesome.  You would think these guys were filming some kids doing this to their parents bathroom, but they’re not.  They’re doing it to their own bathroom and loving every second of it.

I must give the guy who had the brilliant idea of doing this credit, because it is pretty awesome to see the toilet water change with each flush.  I can only imagine what these fools were thinking this phenomena meant to their lives.  Drugs – the ultimate tool for artistic creativity.  You’ve been wondering if there is a Predator bleeding in your bathroom…


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