Patrick Boivin, the mastermind behind the “Iron Baby” video, has put out another geeky masterpiece!  This time Patrick’s short deals with the notion of having a pet AT-AT.  For those of you that need to brush up on your geekiness, an AT-AT is the large 4-legged walker thingy in “The Empire Strikes Back”.  They’re probably one of the most iconic figures from the O.G. Star Wars Trilogy, and still one of the coolest sci-fi vehicles ever seen on the big screen.

I think any youngin from the 80’s wanted to have an AT-AT as a kid, and Patrick takes this need even further with his movie about a pet AT-AT.  You have to check “AT-AT Day Afternoon” out for yourself, so take a peep below.  AT-AT’s make better dogs than real ones, and they sh*t out Jabba the Hutts for poop!  How’s that for awesomeness?  You’ve been dreaming about having a pet AT-AT since 1980…


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