Video: iPhone 4 Versus Evo Debate – LOL Style!

I don’t know how I’ve missed this video considering it’s racked up almost 5 million views, but I’m glad I’ve finally found it.  This could be one of the funniest depictions of Apple Fanboyism I’ve ever seen.  I love that the creator just uses text-to-speech technology to make his characters talk.  It really adds to the comedy of the vid.

Basically, you have two characters, one is a vendor, and one is a lunatic iPhone junky.  The premise deals with the junky wanting a 4 and the vendor trying to sell him the HTC EVO 4G.  I can’t do this video justice by blabbing about it, so you must watch it immediately.  Let’s just say at one point one of these dudes talks about cutting his weenie off, ’nuff said.  WARNING – vulgar language is in the vid you wuss!  You’ve been belly laughing at two little bear type things…

iPhone 4 Versus HTC EVO


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Via [tinywatchproductions]


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