Video: It’s a Thor and Captain America Fight Fest!

*SPOILERS* Yesterday we posted some set pics from The Avengers that featured Captain America and Thor doing battle with some forces of evil, and now today more videos have leaked showing the duo in action.  There’s a an awesome vid of Thor whacking a car with his hammer and some movie magic, which really shows off the process of pulling of a scene like that.  I think I enjoy these leaks more for the “this is how movies are made” motif versus early access to scenes from The Avengers movie.  The one thing that I have noticed from the Cap and Thor shoot is that Steve Rogers seems to be getting the sh*t kicked out of him.  Dude seems to be trying to pull of his best planking routine versus helping Thor kick balls.  I can’t wait to see how this all plays out next year.  Check out the next round of The Avengers set videos below.  You’ve been wishing you worked in that damn office building too…

Thor and Captain America Fight Scene: Cap Takes a Knee


Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Preparing for Car Smash Scene


Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Preparing for Car Smash Scene Part 2


Thor Takes a Swing and It’s Outta Here!


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