I’ve found some video that shows what exactly it looks like when a gamer is playing a game using Kinect.  Unlike other videos I’ve seen, this gamer doesn’t look like an epileptic fighting for his life while playing.  He looks like a goober, but he’s not the focal point.  What you should focus on is how responsive his in-game character is to his real-world movements.  There’s almost zero lag between his movements and their translation to the game.  The little skier guy damn near does the same actions as NerdMan in real-time.

This is a very promising video for Kinect, which many critics are wondering if it can really mimic your movements in the game instantaneously.  So far so good, right?  Skiing may not be your game of choice, but it seems to work really well with Kinect technology.  I just want to throw an imaginary grenade already!  You’ve been impressed, maybe…


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