Video Montage: Top 50 Games We Will See at E3 2010

The 1UP network has put together a top 50 list of the games they want to learn more about at this years E3 conference.  Let’s just say there’s a ton of cool brain rotting games coming down the pipe this year and next.  Out of the games I saw on their list I’d have to say I’m most jacked about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (big surprise!), Dead Space 2 (I’m scared…), NBA Jam (Wii only? Seriously!?), and Bulletstorm (Bloody death).

I have to say that I think the guys at 1 Up are slightly fanboyish by putting two Wii titles in the top 10.  There’s no way a Disney game about Mickey Mouse should be there, unless you’re 5.  Although, the footage I saw of the new Metroid, which was in their top 10, does look pretty gnarly for a Wii game and may warrant a top 10 spot.

Their number 1 pick blows my mind.  I highly disagree that the game they chose is the most anticipated game of E3 2010.  I won’t spoil it for you just in case you want to check the countdown out for yourself below.  If not here’s their [slider title=”#1 pick”]Portal 2.  For real?  I guess if you’re a super cheeky educated gamer.  I don’t get this pick at all.[/slider].  These people must be really pretentious huh?  You’ve been given a list…






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