Video: New Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Gameplay

Believe it or not, but more video is still turning up on the web from this year’s E3 event.  I happened to find some new gameplay footage from one of my most anticipated titles of 2010 – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.  I must say the Starkiller character model looks much more crisp and real than the first game, and for that matter so do the environments and enemy characters.  There are two things that really stuck out for me in this gameplay video though.

First, I love when the pack of Stormtrooper dummies come out and start running towards Starkiller like they’ll actually be able to challenge him, and he just casually force f*cks them up.  Secondly, I just noticed something huge about the gameplay in SW: TFU 2.  When Starkiller is battling the Stormtroopers towards the end he’s actually lopping appendages off just like someone with a lightsaber should be doing to some a-holes in white plastic costumes!

I know it’s small and kind of demented, but one of my biggest issues with the first Force Unleashed was that these regular Joe’s were getting mauled by a lightsaber, which technically can cut through anything except another lightsaber, or whatever George feels like conveniently making lightsaber resistant, but they didn’t even lose a finger.  It was like you were hitting them with a baseball bat, and not a super duper laser sword that should’ve sliced them up like a fat guy cutting through a stick of lard.  I’m glad they’ve fixed this oversight in the sequel.  Check it our for yourself below.  You’ve been made armless TK – 1138…

Please note that Gamespot’s embedding feature is broke.  Just click on the full screen button to watch the skewed looking box.  Sorry for the dopiness.

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