Video of India’s Greatest Amusement Park Ride

For people living in the US, or other highly developed nations, the thought of going to the local amusement park to ride on the latest roller coaster isn’t that far-fetched.  Now when it comes to less fortunate countries the poor souls that live there don’t have that same luxury, so they have to get creative.  In the case of India some of its children have come up with their own version of a ride at Cedar Point that makes our wussy 423 ft. high roller coasters look like a walk in the park.  Let’s just say that this is a ride that will never make it to a country like the US, because honestly we value human life just a little too much.  Check out what it’s like to ride the death coaster of India below.  You’ve been warned to keep your arms and head inside the moving car at all times…

Don’t Even Think About Trying This at Home


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