Video Offers a Fascinating Deep Dive Into What Happened With The Justice League Film

The JoBlo Videos YouTube channel is kicking off a new series today with the first episode of WTF Happened to this Movie. The series provides an in-depth breakdown of a troubled film’s production to try to explain what the hell happened to make the movie a subpar experience.

In the first episode the film being explored is Justice League, and I have to say that the episode was mesmerizing. It provides a detailed retelling of Justice League’s production woes, some of which we all have heard, and other issues that may have not been very public. It reminded me of one of those old VH1 shows that would tell the story of a troubled actor or celebrity, and the tone would be very serious, but enlightening in the same light. I just found the content to be enthralling as a geek, because like most of you I wanted Justice League to be great, but as we found out it’s hard to make a film of its size great when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

Block off some time for yourself and head on up above to see what the fuck happened with Justice League.


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