Video Proof That Professional Sporting Events Overcharge For Large Beers

Anymore it seems like you need to be a rich white man to even attend a pro sporting event. With the creation of PSL’s and seating prices that most middle income families can’t afford, it’s not really feasible to take the fam out to the ballpark anymore. That’s bad enough, but then lets say you actually score tickets to an event and want to enjoy some heart busting stadium food and brew. In a move to not let the ticket prices be the only outrageously expensive part of a trip to the stadium, the concession stands have also raised their prices to the point where you’re better off going to a 5 star restaurant and eating good food.

A large beer at most stadiums these days is pushing $10. Two beers in you realize that you could have purchased a case of the watered down p*ss your currently drinking from that plastic POS cup with your team’s logo on it.  If that’s not bad enough then you have to watch the video below.  Fans in Seattle got together and performed a science experiment on large and small beers, which are priced a few bucks apart.  What you’ll see is nothing more than highway robbery and reason enough alone to boycott pro sporting events.  We’re getting played like fools people!  Check out the large beer scam below.  You’ve always wanted to test this theory out yourself…


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