Video Recaps All of the Easter Eggs and Comic Book References From ‘Venom’

Mr Sunday Movies has put out a video that recaps all of the Easter eggs and comic book references found in Venom, which is now in theaters.

The video is broken down into five sections that zero in on any and all subtle references in the film to the Venom comic book universe. The first section deals with the film’s characters and how they tie back to their comic book portrayals. The second section primarily deals with the comic book references found within Venom. The third section then details the film’s locations and how a few tie back to the comics. The fourth section breaks down the post-credit scene, which features one of the worst movie wigs of all-time, and this video confirms that fact. The final section tries to prove once and for all if this movie is a part of the MCU, which shouldn’t be too hard to figure out if you’ve seen it, but I guess some people need things spelled out for them.

While Venom isn’t on the same level as an Avengers: Infinity War, it’s still an entertaining movie, so make sure to check out our Venom review to see why it may be worth a trip to the theater.


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