Video Shows Great Tony Stark Line Cut From Avengers: Endgame’s Climactic Battle

A behind-the-scenes clip from the filming of Avengers: Endgame has made its way online thanks to Jimmy Rich on Instagram. It comes from pickups for the film that were shot last summer at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, GA, and it features the filming of the scene between Tony Stark and Doctor Strange in which the former asks the latter if they’re playing out the 1 in 14 million chance to defeat Thanos.

In the movie, Strange tells Tony he can’t tell him if it is or not, because then the chance wouldn’t happen, and that was it. Now, thanks to this BTS clip, we can hear a line from Tony that got cut. It appears it was in the script too, so RDJ didn’t just ad-lib it, but I wish it was left in, because it faithfully plays to the rocky relationship between Strange and Stark.

You can see the scene get filmed below. The first video shows the two actors working out with scene with the Directors, while the second video features the cut line.

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