Video: Spain Will Win World Cup According to a Mollusk

Who needs a soccer expert when you have Paul the Octopus?  Don’t ask me where this takes place, but I’m guessing it’s in some European country.  If it was in the US some a-hole Red Wings fan would’ve dove in Paul’s tank and chucked him onto the nearest sheet of ice.  Paul is some sort of World Cup Oracle, who has picked all of the German team games correctly so far.  Just recently he selected Spain to win it all over the Netherlands by latching onto their box and eating its contents.

It all looks like a bunch of BS to me considering Paul is basically a bag of mush and the Spain box was closest to him, so out of convenience that’s what he latched on to.  But hey, it’s all in good fun.  Good for Paul, at least he’s having his fun until they decide to cut off all of his tentacles and eat him.  That will suck for Paul!  You’ve had your bet selected by a pile of sludge…


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