I came across a video on YouTube that some Taiwan news agency made in regards to Apple and its recent technical issues with the iPhone 4.  This video sums up what Apple has become in a very funny way – The Empire from Star Wars.  In years past, Apple has always been viewed as the liberal, hippie thinking company that cares more about its consumers than making tons of cash.  Lately it seems just the opposite.  Now that Apple has surpassed Microsoft as the #1 electronics firm, they’re exhibiting some of the same traits as other huge cash cows.  This is evident in how the whole ‘Antennagate’ fiasco has been handled, which has been messy and corporate like.

This cartoon explores this change using some iconic imagery from the Star Wars universe, which works perfectly to highlight Apple’s shift towards the darkside of doing business.  I love when Jobs takes down Gates and assumes his role as the most evil man in the galaxy.  I also liked how Darth Jobs fixed the customer’s antenna issue with some creative surgery.  I love Asian people!  If you’re a gadget geek and have been following the iPhone 4 saga you have to watch this video.  You’ve been transitioned to the darkside of the force…


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