Video: The Internet Isn’t for Everyone

This video almost has 1 million views on YouTube, and deals with some hillbilly Daddy going ape on his daughter’s PC camera.  I don’t know the back story here, but I’m guessing this teenage girl received some threats, or she experienced the new phenomena known as cyber-bullying.  In true teenage girl fashion, this chick is a mess!  I couldn’t understand a word she was saying, but that’s not the case in regards to her Dad.

This guy drops into frame like he’s some sort of product pusher on TV, and delivers his speech with the same amount of gusto.  I love when he says he can back-trace the messages! WTF?  When you get done watching this you’re going to be wondering why you ever had kids, or thought about having kids.  Only a kid could get someone as worked up as this bumpkin.  Watch this family mess below, and be thankful these aren’t your relatives.  You’ve been back-traced you little punks…


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