Video: The Joys of Being a Gamer!

What gamer hasn’t ripped out their heart while playing a game and trying to accomplish a major task, or go for some crazy achievement?  I can only imagine what my face has looked like and the filth that has flown from my mouth while trying to perform such feats.  Honestly, I’m surprised that I haven’t had a stroke yet.  There are times after a rage where I wonder how my heart, or brain hasn’t exploded from my tension and anger over a damn game.  I’ve also almost chewed my right index finger off as well, which is one of my longest and most favorite forms of self expression when a game angers me.

Check the video out below of some dude who had his reactions recorded while playing some game on the PS3.  It takes him 31 tries to accomplish whatever he is doing, but we all can feel for him as he goes through the pain of gaming.  Just like this bloke finds out though, there’s nothing better than achieving your gaming goal.  It never ceases to amaze me at how nutty a game can make me, yet once I accomplish the task that has had my balls in a bunch a feeling of euphoria envelops me and all the hate is lost that I recently felt.  I love being a gaming psycho!  You’ve been mentally destroyed by a video game…


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