Video: “The Social Network” Teaser

Just like I was thinking when I first saw this article, you may be asking yourself, “WTF is “The Social Network” movie?”  Well believe it or not, it’s a film about the origins of Facebook!  I can’t believe someone actually paid money to fund a movie about Facebook!  Don’t we have problems with poor people and a national deficit that this money could have went to, and what about the babies in Africa!

The sad thing is, the trailer actually now has me interested in seeing “The Social Network”.  I have no clue how Facebook started, and still think it’s a podium for the dumb, but the story behind its creation sounds semi-interesting.  No one can deny the power of Facebook now, hell, I even use it as a tool for, but a movie?

At least the movie will have a great built-in audience with the 500 million or so Facebook addicts out there.  Check out the trailer for yourself below.  You’ve been thinking that people actually appreciate the dumb sayings you put in your status updates…

“The Social Network”


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