Video: Use Your Fat A*s to Power Your Gadgets!

Some dude in Cleveland has invented a device that uses your kinetic energy from motion, and transforms it into usable electricity to charge USB powered devices.  Whoever said Cleveland can’t succeed without Lebron?  It’s actually a pretty ingenious device, and it will be perfect for anyone who likes to be active while still using their toys.  Speaking of toys, the nPower Peg really looks like a dildo!  I think the female reporter has some uses for this device that she isn’t telling us about.

Outside of it’s phallic shape, the nPower Peg is quite a nice device.  It’ll keep you green, healthy, and charged up.  If I actually enjoyed walking I sign up for one!  I wonder if they can make one that I can put on my videogame controller?  Help Cleveland out and buy one now, because Lebron ain’t gonna do it!  You’ve been charged up by a sex toy…

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Via [Fox8]


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