Videos Like This Are Why the Net is Awesome: Old Man Lightsaber Duel

How the hell did we used to live without a constant connection to the Internet?  Before the Net we would never get to see people epically failing, cat videos, and my favorite – lightsaber dubbing.  I’m pretty sure I made that term up, but it makes sense, sort of.  Lightsaber dubbing is the act of editing saber effects into videos that weren’t intended to have them.  I’ve showcased a few of these videos in the past with the one of some crazy a*s preacher being my fave.  Even when lightsabers are meant to be in homemade videos I still get a kick out of them.  I just f*cking love lightsabers, and have always wanted one!  Too bad our Galaxy isn’t sophisticated enough to have them, or other luxuries like hyper-drives and X-wing fighters.

Anyway, back to the most recent lightsaber video that wasn’t intended to be a lightsaber video.  To me it looks like some old French guys got into a squabble over something petty like which mustard tastes better, French’s or Gray Poupon.  This spat then led to one of them grabbing a pipe to attack the other participants, but they too had pipes.  A harrowing pipe battle ensued, well at least for old guys, and this is where the YouTube poster came in and made this otherwise pointless video great.  They dubbed in lightsabers for the pipes to make it look like there was an all out Jedi vs. Sith battle in the streets of a small French town.  Check it out below to see why a little bit of lightsaber can make the most mundane things awesome.  You’ve been wondering why they just didn’t gang up and beat the living sh*t out of the one dude…




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