Vietnam Scores Another Major Apple Product Leak: New MacBook Model Unpacking

Ok, I’m stumped now.  How in the hell do we get two major Apple leaks from Nam in the same week?  Apple has to be using child labor over in Vietnam, or something along those lines to have another unannounced product leak.  Maybe China is starting to outsource cheap labor on their own?  You have to love the trickle down effects of Capitalism!

In this video we get to see what seems to be a new MacBook White product line, that hasn’t been officially announced yet.  The vid is in Vietnamese again, so I’ll have to translate.  It’s not as wordy as the iPhone HD reveal, so I’ll be brief with my translation:

“OMFG!  How the hell did we score another major Apple reveal?  I’m glad my 6 year-old sister works down at the factory and was able to gank this for me to show on YouTube.  What you see here is a new Macbook White Model.  Here you see CD with Apple logo on it, ha ha ha!  Now I show you plug like Mothra antennae.  Man this box hard to open, wish I have hammer to smash it.  Oh!  I got it.  Look at slim rounded finish, berry nice!  I wonder how many years I’ll have to work to afford one of these?  I wish I wasn’t a commie!  Oh well, you like?”

Yeah, this recent flood of Vietnamese product scoops has me perplexed.  Good for them.  Now the little island may start to be known for its product scoops rather than the scene of America’s biggest f*ck up.  They may not need Apple to help them with that image overhaul because Iraq is now competing for the title of American blunders.  Ooh, two cheap shots in one post!  Check out the new MacBook vid below.  You’ve been politicized E.B. style…


E.B. “Making you a better geek, one post at a time!”

Video Via [Tinhte]


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