View iPhone 5 Rumors in Style with Dipity Timeline

iPhone 5 rumors have been ramping up over the past few months, but until Steve himself makes the announcement none of the rumors really mean jacksh*t.  That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to talk about them though.  If you like to be in the know when it comes to products like the iPhone 5 then you have to dig into the Dipity timeline for it below.  I’ve never heard, used, or required a Dipity timeline before, but after stumbling upon their service today I have found one of the most awesome digital timeline tools that this world has to offer.

Dipity  is a free timeline service that allows you to organize any topic based on news feeds about it into a single interactive timeline.  It more or less makes the history of a particular item come to life with multimedia functions.  Rather than me try and do it justice why don’t you look at it in action below.  There you’ll find Dipity in all its glory laying out the iPhone 5 rumor mill from the first story about it to the most recent.  The items can be drilled into with pictures, captions, etc..  iPhone 5 rumors are neat, but when they’re orgainized into a dipity timeline they’re f*cking awesome!  Check out the evolution of the iPhone 5 rumors below.  You’ve just found one of the coolest free tools on the Internet…

iPhone 5 Rumors Presented in a B*tchin Fashion with Dipity

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