Vine App Sparks Creativity Unlike Any Other Social Network


I’ve known about the Vine app for iOS for quite sometime, but I hadn’t given it an honest try until yesterday. I can officially say that I’m now addicted to Vine like a homeless person looking for my next crack rock. For those of you not in the know, Vine is an app owned by Twitter that allows you to record up to 6-seconds of video to share on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Its ingenious recording method of just tapping the screen makes it easy for even the most incompetent of amateur film makers to master. This recording mechanic also allows for some very creative ideas to come to fruition such as stop-motion animation, mini-movies, life documentaries, and anything else your little brain can cook up.

After installing it to my iPhone 5 yesterday I immediately realized the potential of this free app, and the social network built around it. All it took was a few scrolls through the Editor’s Pick section to see what types of content can be created with Vine. The possibilities are limitless, outside of shooting a feature length film since you can only capture 6 seconds of video.

I was blown away by some of the work that Vine users have put out, and they inspired me to be creative unlike any social network that has come before it. I’m far from the likes of Ian Padgham, or Pinot, but I hope to push the limits of my imagination by studying the techniques employed by Vine masters such as these two blokes.

At this point in time I’ve created 3 very basic Vine videos, which you can watch below. Each one is more or less a test of how to manipulate the app in a way to create illusions, or magic, which is an actual hashtag category on the Vine network. Trust me, I didn’t put much time or though into any of my rudimentary creations, but they definitely helped me to realize exactly what I could do with this app.

I encourage you to sign up for Vine to get your creative juices flowing. Instagram is great, but it doesn’t contain half of the creativity that you’ll find in the pages of Vine. If you sign up make sure to give me a follow. My username is either EntBuddha, or Matt Heywood – EB. The app can help you find me if you follow us on Twitter, so get to downloading it and let’s make some awesome nonsense for the world to see! You’ve been wondering if you really need another app addiction…


Hulk Stop Motion


My speedbag skills are strong



My Xbox controller really needs to be charged


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