Violence, Dismemberment, and Guts OH MY!: CineFix’s Top Violent Movies


For as long as there have been movies, there have been directors who have pushed the envelope with the violence their films contain. CineFix has released a video with their take on the 10 most violent films ever made, and those with weak stomachs need not apply, because this short video contains more than a daily dosing of blood and guts.

While the list does contain a few successful blockbuster films, those looking to get their next gory fix need to search no further, there are plenty of relatively unknown gems included among the Top 10. Fans of any genre will be able to find a film to their liking on the list. From cowboys to cyborgs and Yakuza thrillers, there’s plenty to see.

Violence is certainly not the answer to everything, but this list serves to prove that in the case of making for an enjoyable and memorable movie experience, it is just what the doctor ordered. My personal picks from the list are Ichi the Killer and the horrifically awesome Cannibal Holocaust.

Check out the video below to quell your violent urges.

Awesomely Graphic Ultra Violent Movies!

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