Virtual Reality Breaks into the NFL

Last week, ESPN reported that the Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett would be using drones to film the team’s practices. The idea stems from Garrett’s visit to Southern Methodist University as a better way to view all twenty-two players from an overheard angle, instead of a zoomed out, direct view.

The next step the Cowboys have taken is to turn practice footage into 3-D VR that will help players better understand plays and schemes when preparing for games. The team has agreed to a deal with StriVR Labs, whose program was developed by former Sanford kicker Derek Belch.

The VR trend is continuing¬†to grow, as major colleges like Auburn, Clemson, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, and Stanford have already begun using the advanced technology to prepare their players. While the Cowboys are currently the only NFL team integrating VR into their practices, ESPN reports that the Atlanta Falcons are also considering it, and it won’t be long until others join in.

NFL teams are no stranger to thinking outside the box to try and better prepare its players, so it will be interesting to see as the season nears how players respond and how quickly other teams jump in.

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