VitaCBD Aims to be New Leader in Legal Hemp Supplements

The medical cannabis movement has been picking up year after year and state after state thanks to the relaxation of marijuana laws in the U.S.. Although, many people still don’t have access to these treatments due to federal and state laws, but now thanks to a company called VitaCBD, anyone 18 and older can now buy legal CBD products derived from the industrial hemp plant.

I was sent a bottle of the company’s Serendipity vaping oil with 150mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) to cover for EB, and after using it for a week I do believe it can help people deal with stress naturally, rather than using prescription drugs or actual cannabis. Using it is easy, you can either ingest it like a tincture, which VitaCBD also sells, or you can use it with a vaporizer. I opted for both, but found the vaporizer to be faster acting and more potent. Now you don’t get any of the trippy effects like traditional cannabis, but I did find it to provide a calming effect. CBD has been found to be beneficial for people with cancer and other horrible illnesses, and after using it I can see why.

This stuff isn’t cheap though, and you still have to be 18 to buy it. The sample I was sent retails for $42.95, but others, depending on size and dosage, can cost upwards of $200.00. Again, with any natural supplement you should always consult with your physician before taking it, but if you believe in the power of natural healing alternatives, you should definitely research CBD, and check out the VitaCBD online store to check out their full range of products, which also include edibles, waxes, and more.


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