Transport yourself to a lush kingdom in the sky as you create, explore, build, and optimize a thriving new ecosystem amongst the clouds. Amidst the lush green-punk landscape, rotate and conjoin fragments of land onto your floating island to stabilize it, and stop it from crumbling to its demise. Entrenched in a colorful, whimsical, and adorable world, design your personalized continent, rich with new resources to uncover, land to connect and build, and technologies to grow. Make thoughtful and strategic choices as the ambient, dreamy soundscape encourages creativity as you design your land and build the kingdom that resides on it. With space at a premium and resources limited, efficient design is crucial for the kingdom’s survival.

Contemplative and strategic, Volantia is designed to cultivate a meditative escape amongst the clouds as players immerse themselves in the zen of puzzle solving and cultivating their ecosystem in a low-pressure environment. An unexpected and calming combination of kingdom management, puzzles, and design, connect your land for the ideal fit to stabilize your continent, harvest and maximize natural resources, and grow your technologies.

Volantia‘s features include:

  • Build and create your own landmass and ecosystem
  • Randomly generated islands to make each landmass unique
  • Build a thriving ecosystem and watch it flourish and come to life
  • Stop your kingdom from collapse by connecting the monolithic Zardim
  • A balance of puzzles, design strategy, kingdom management, and creativity
  • An ambient and meditative soundtrack
  • Cute, colorful artwork to cultivate a meditative and green-punk world

Volantia was absolutely beautiful and very relaxing to play. I enjoyed the fact that I could sit back and relax, but I can’t just play Volantia mindlessly. There is strategy in the game and it’s fun to figure out all of the different ways to place the land pieces to build the city.

Volantia will be available on Steam and the release date will be announced soon!


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