Volkswagen Darth Vader Kid Commercial Gets Parodied

If you missed the Volkswagen commercial about the adorable Darth Vader kid you can catch it here.  It truly is one of the best commercials of 2011, and a commercial worth watching unlike %99.9 of them.  Well just like other things that have been adopted by Pop Culture, the Volkswagen Vader commercial has spawned its own fan community.  Out of this community a parody of the commercial has been created, and although the little Vader isn’t as cute looking as the original, but he’s definitely more in tune with the force.

This version of the commercial also puts a dark twist to the original commercials ending, as well as poking a little fun at Toyota’s brake problems in the process.  Check it out below to see what happens to little Vaders who abuse their force powers.  You’ve now begun to realize that Star Wars has infiltrated every part of our culture…



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