Wait! There Was Going to be A Thundercats Movie?

Some CG footage from a now defunct Thundercats film has been floating around the Internet, which features roughly 2 minutes of the film that never made it to the big screen.  From what I’ve been able to gather it looks like Warner Bros. started the project and almost completed it, but due to another animated franchise they were interested in, I guess they shut down the Thundercat project.  At first you may think that the WB’s move was sucky, but I urge you to watch the footage before you make any judgements.

Like most remakes from the 80’s it really doesn’t capture that awesomeness you experienced while watching it as a kid.  Lionel is pretty much portrayed as some bozo kid with a destiny, and his movie self could be compared to any animated adolescent character that you’ve ever seen on film.  Plus, CG Lionel looks like an orange Na’vi that got kicked out of Home tree for having a bad tan!

Didn’t the Thundercats use to just kick a*s and take names?  It’s kind of like what happened to Darth Vader.  Before we knew he was just some teen full of angst he used to be one of the baddest mother f*ckers in the Galaxy, but now all I can think about when I see him is Hayden Christensen’s god awful performance.  Hence, Vader’s image has been tarnished by a modern day reboot.  Maybe you’ll respond better to the Thundercats movie footage than I did, and honestly I’d still go and see this if it ever did get released, but from these 2 minutes I’m not sure how long I’d last in a theater.  You’ve been wanting to yell out “Thundercats, HO!” like a turrets patient…


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