Walmart Exclusive Revenge of the Sith and Cantina Funko Pop 3-Packs Confirmed With Glamour Shots

Over the weekend we posted the news that Walmart is getting two new exclusive Funko Pop 3-packs from the Star Wars universe, and now today we have the official details.

The first Star Wars 3-pack has been confirmed as the Revenge of the Sith pack, and it features Tarrful, Hoodless Emperor with force lighting, and an Utapau Clone Trooper. All of these are Walmart exclusives, and should be in stores by the end of this month. It’s Walmart online placeholder is up just in case they sell it online. You can also get the SKU information below.

The second exclusive Walmart 3-Pack has been confirmed as what we expected it to be as the Cantian 3-Pack, and all three figures feature their original Kenner paint jobs and designs from the 1977 toy line. These too should be in stores by the end of this month, and they also have a placeholder on Walmart’s site.


You can get the SKU information below.


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