Want Tabbed Browsing on the iPad 2? Try Terra!

Oh the joys  of finding new apps to use on Apple’s iPad platform!  Recently, I downloaded an app called Terra that brings a very solid tabbed-browsing experience to the iOS platform on my iPad 2.  Terra offers more of a desktop-browser feel than the mobile Safari browser that comes bundled with iOS.  I actually don’t mind mobile Safari, but I’m not a big fan of it’s version of tabbed browsing, so I decided to give Terra a chance to satisfy my penchant for tabs when it comes to viewing multiple web pages in the same browser window.

Terra is a free app that doesn’t have a large footprint, but it packs a ton of functionality.  Like I mentioned above its main allure is the fact that it offers the same type of tabbed-browsing that you find on desktop style browsers.  You can open unlimited tabs and switch to them faster than Apple can steal your location data.  On top of the tabs Terra also offers full-screen browsing for those of you that can’t stand to lose any web page real estate to a mobile browsers menu bar.  Terra also allows users to save web pages (Pics and all) in an offline format, so they can be read at a later time even if there’s no connection to 3G or WiFi available.

Terra Web Browser for iPad

(Tab browsing on the top, Full Screen mode on the bottom)


It functions just like mobile Safari outside of the tabbed browsing.  Managing bookmarks and Web apps is no different than Apple’s browser, and in my opinion Terra loads web pages faster than MS.  The only downside to this app is that you can’t make it the default browser on the iPad, so any app that you have which loads web content will still do so in mobile Safari.  It’s not a huge deal, but it’d be nice if the Apple police would allow us to choose a default browser that didn’t have their mark all over it.  Regardless, if you’ve been jonesing for some tabbed browsing on your iPad/iPad2, then I’d highly recommend downloading Terra from the App Store today!  You’ve been tabbed up…

Terra’s Bookmark Manager and General Settings

(You can force Terra to behave like a Desktop Browser such as Firefox if needed)


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