Want To Make Your Kid a Smart Geek? Use the Star Wars Alphabet!

If you want to guarantee the passage of your geekiness to your offspring, I highly recommend using the illustrated Star Wars alphabet.  It contains some of the best Star Wars artwork I’ve ever seen, and has to be one of the most creative ways I’ve ever seen to teach the alphabet.  Brandon Peat and his wife Emma, worked together to create the Star Wars alphabet for their child.  He did the sketches and she did the illustrations.  Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a character from the Star Wars Universe, and a few from the EU.  My favorite part about Peat’s character selections, is that he specifically stated that he refused to use prequel characters in the project.  See, I’m not the only Star Wars fanboy out there who can’t get over how sucky the prequels were!

I have to share these images with you, because they’re brilliant.  I love the artistic style the Peat’s chose for the characters.  The only one I question is R2-D2, because it looks like he’s having a homoerotic daydream about 3P0.  Outside of that there’s something about deformed looking Star Wars characters that I’m drawn to.  It’s not like I have some fetish for people with large heads and small bodies, I just like the look.  Why do you think I went coo-coo for Mighty Muggs?  Check out the Peat’s work below, and make sure to visit their site using the via link below.  Hopefully he will allow me to keep the images posted on EB, but I’m waiting on an answer.  You’ve been given a reason to have a kid, although you’d be the biggest geek in the world if you actually created a spawn, just to teach it the alphabet using Star Wars character…

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