Warhammer 40K: Regicide Brings Explosions to Chess

It’s been a good couple of months for Warhammer fans, with the recent announcement of the hotly anticipated Warhammer: Total War coming at the end of a streak of smaller, mostly Indie titles licensed by the mother church of GamesWorkshop. Whether or not this is just over-franchising or advertising for their recently released new editions is up for debate, but if it means we get new and interesting games set in the Warhammer and 40K universe, I’m all for it.

The most recent of these small, quirky editions is Warhammer: Regicide a title being developed by Australian developers Hammerfall Publishing. Based on an in-canon game played by characters in the 40K Universe, Regicide looks to be combine the classic mechanics of Chess with modern enhancements like grenades, jump jets and, of course, Heavy Bolter Fire.

Alongside this bizarre cocktail of old and new are some interesting mechanics, such as the ability to keep your same game going across any platform you choose to download it to. Cross-Platform gaming is definitely the future and it will be interesting to see it in action on a smaller title like this.

You can see more below where Cathrin Machin, the project lead at Hammerfall, takes you through some of the basics of the game and introduces a couple of the abilities.

So far, the off-the-wall combo of a classic board game and 21st century video game certainly has my interest peaked, and I’ll keep one eye on this as it develops.

What about you guys? Does the uniqueness draw you in? Or is this just too bizarre?


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