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I have loved Diablo III pretty much since it came out on consoles, it remains one of my favorite games of all time. That being said, I can only play the same game for so many years over and over (and my god have I run that game into the ground). Despite all of the updates and additional features, a game can only run on life support so long before I just can’t work up the will to play it over something newer.

Enter Warhammer: Chaos Bane, which is a game that I know absolutely nothing about, the only game I’ve played in the franchise is Vermintide. Thankfully, that doesn’t matter in the slightest, because Chaos Bane is pretty standalone in and of itself, and is answering my prayers. If you’ve played Diablo III, you’ll feel right at home with this game, right down to the button shortcuts and potion shortcut for when your healing skills ain’t cutting it. The visuals are halfway between beautiful and disgusting, it’s like they looked at Diablo and said “yeah, but how can we gross you out more?” I loved playing it, though, there weren’t as many enemies on screen at one time as I’m used to, but I think it was made up for in the fact that it was harder. Smaller enemies are a lot meatier in this game, or at least in the demo that I played, but this is balanced with a new feature.

That new feature is a rage meter than every character class has, which works exactly the way that you think it does. By attacking enemies, your rage meter fills up, and you can fill it up one, two, or three times, and unleash super strong attacks by using it. Depending on how far you fill it, you’ll have more or less attack options, and the rage mode will last longer or shorter. It can make short work of a big crowd that’s overpowering you and your allies, or save it all up for a boss. As someone who always assumes every boss will be as tough as a final boss, I saved most of mine for the demo boss and demolished it in under a minute.

The easiest way that I can describe this game is that it’s Diablo III if you sent it off to war and it came back a grizzled veteran. It’s got local co-op which is an instant selling point for me, and I cannot wait for the full release on consoles and PC. Keep your eyes on this one, because it’s one quality Action RPG.

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