Warhammer Quest set to Conquer the Old World this January

Warhammer Quest, the debut game from Indie publisher Chilled Mouse, looks set to send players on an epic quest for loot and glory against the backdrop of Games Workshops epic Dark Fantasy setting. A spiritual successor to the tabletop RPG of the same name, the game will combine RPG elements with turn-based action against a range of hideous foes.


So far the game seems promising, with a hero roster that is replete with fan favourites like Dwarf Slayers, Priests of Sigmar and possibly even a Norscan making appearances. Opposing our noble, and not so noble, heroes look to be a band of classic Warhammer foes ranging from Night Goblins to the disease-ridden Skaven.


It certainly looks like the Old World has been lovingly captured in this title, and the creators seem to have genuine affection for the material. As they say themselves:

“As massive fans of the Warhammer universe, we have spent our development time working with Rodeo Games and focusing on what made Warhammer Quest such a great table top game. With truly unique hero characters, epic role-playing action, awesome loot and randomly generated dungeons, Warhammer Quest is a true digital incarnation of its namesake” – Ian Baverstock, Director of Chilled Mouse

Gameplay-wise the action so far is most reminiscent of other turn-based games like the excellent Banner Saga and with it’s isometric top-down view seems to have plenty of room for strategy lovers to flex their tactical muscles.

Games Workshop has a strong history of liscencing its brands, with classics like Dawn of War showing just how good these settings can be. From what we’ve seen so far Warhammer Quest has the potential to be another winner for the Nottingham-based miniature masters.

Warhammer Quest is available on Steam from January 7th 2015.


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