Warhammer: Total War is Here, and Looks Awesome

One of the few bright spots among the flaming wreckage of THQ’s collapse last year was a quiet little announcement that Sega had picked up the Warhammer franchise rights. Alot of people ignored this; after all it’s been a few years since the last Dawn of War title, and a few more since the last good Dawn of War game, but to me it was one of the greatest parts of the IP feeding frenzy that consumed the bones of the once great publishing house.

The marriage of Warhammer (both Fantasy and 40K) and Sega’s in house Strategy maestros, Creative Assembly, was enough to make me shiver and whisper a prayer to all the gods, Dark and Light.

Well, looks like today my prayers are answered because the launch trailer has just landed and It. Is. Awesome.

So far we can see the rapacious Greenskins (WAAAAAGH!), the insidious Vampire Counts (Manfred Von Carstein?), the noble Emperor (complete with Griffon and court Wizard) and even some Dwarves firing cannons into Night Goblins riding spiders that would make Shelob flee in terror. The close is a predictable appearance by the forces of Chaos, but it’s interesting we’re getting Tzeentch this time and not the usually more popular Khorne (Skulls for the Skull Throne!) or compromise of ‘Chaos Undivided’.

As of yet there’s no sign of some other races like the Elves or Skaven but as we get closer to release I’m sure more will follow. Given the Total War franchises history of having lots of different factions in each game, I’m hoping some more obscure groups like the Brettonians, Marauders and Ogres may get a look in too.

For now though, if the job of a trailer is to excite the fanbase then count me in!


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