The Real-time Strategy genre is a staple in gaming, and it’s easily one of my personal favorite styles of game to play, so I was more than thrilled to learn that Warparty, a new multiplatform RTS title, was coming to the Switch. Being able to play a fully fleshed out RTS on a portable gaming device is a dream come true, and for the most part, Warparty’s old-school, traditional take on the genre works very well on the platform.

Warparty is as old school RTS as is gets. Its no frills approach to the genre is refreshing in an age where the genre is sorta dead, and most of the newer titles in it, have added all sorts of new layers that may take away from the core RTS gameplay experience that fans of the genre first fell in love with. There are three unique factions to master, multiple game modes including multiplayer, AI skirmish, survival, and a three-pronged campaign, so like I mentioned it feels like a classic RTS experience.

The gameplay is also quite pure for the genre. Regardless of mode, you are tasked with harvesting and managing two resource types, which in turn you must use to build workers, who in turn build manufacturing buildings, which in turn churn out combat forces. Of course you also build structures that enhance abilities of your forces, provide defense, as well as those that can generate resources.

Once you have built up a proper battalion, which depending on the faction you choose, could be full of dinosaurs, zombies, or barbarian like forces, you then take them to conquer your foe. Movement and character selections actually work quite well on the Switch, and while I would’ve loved touchscreen support in mobile mode, I didn’t find any issues with how I managed my forces on a portable device. Quite frankly, it plays very much like Halo Wars, so the RTS controls translate well to a portable console.

In terms of game modes, I had the most fun with AI skirmishes, which is the mode I always gravitate too while playing RTS games. The campaign is very RTS-campaign-like, those who play the genre will know what I mean, so its fun and provides unique challenges, but I prefer to base build and conquer. I didn’t get to play multiplayer during the review period, but if the technical side holds up, it should offer a competent experience.

My biggest gripe with Warparty is its difficulty. Even on “Very Easy” the campaign AI can be a bit bullish. I did appreciate the challenge because it kept me on my toes, but during the campaign I just wanted to dominate, so I was surprised to find such a challenge even on that level of difficulty. This issues isn’t as noticeable in the other modes, but for some reason the campaign AI just gets downright nasty, even while playing on the easiest setting.

If you’re a RTS junky, or have wanted a RTS title to play on the go, then I highly recommend Warparty. For $25 it offers a pretty deep RTS experience that you can take on the go if you buy it for the Switch, which is the platform I recommend. It’s solid enough that I now want the developer to remake the greatest RTS game of all-time for the Switch – Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.

Review Summary

Story - 7
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 8
Sound - 7.5
Entertainment Value - 8.5



Warparty for the Switch offers classic RTS on the go, which is exactly what the world needs right now.

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