Warriors All-Stars takes place in a beautiful kingdom that relies on a magical spring to sustain them. The king suddenly dies and the land—and its inhabitants—becomes thrown into chaos and disaster. Before a new king can be named, the spring begins to wither along with the kingdom’s power.

The newly widowed queen and priestess of the spring, Sayo, informs her three charges (Tamaki and Shiki, her children, and her nephew, Setsuna) that the withering spring must be restored using the power of heroes from different worlds. Tamaki attempts to summon the otherworldly heroes, but something goes wrong and the many heroes are scattered throughout the land. Each of the charges proceeds to locate and recruit the summoned heroes to help them restore the spring and claim the throne for themselves!

Warriors All-Stars is a single-player hack and slash brought to us by Koei Tecmo and features an array of characters taken from various titles of the long-running Warriors series. To be honest, I’ve never played a single Warriors game and hadn’t even heard of them until about a month ago. I am a bit new to gaming, and a game like Warriors All-Stars immediately turns me off. According to other reviews I had checked out written by fans of the series, almost everything was very positive.

I ended up saying “screw it” and decided to take on the review of the game to hopefully open my eyes and widen my liking of games.

The mesh of known characters from other Warriors games is rather entertaining, and the banter they have with each other is a bit silly! I think of it as one of those crossover episodes from my childhood. Some of the characters they include are Ayane from Ninja Gaiden, Yukimura Sanada from Samurai Warriors, and even William Adams from Nioh!

Considering I was brand spankin’ new to this type of game, I actually found it quite easy to get into with all of the mini tutorials it gave me in the beginning. Any player at any skill level could learn to play this game.

I also found Warriors All-Stars a bit repetitive, but not in a bad way. The smooth feel of battle was very pleasing. Being able to hit a ton of enemies in one swing is just…satisfying. The soundtrack was nice, but nothing really stood out to me. The voice acting was, overall, really great; I was impressed with the actors and actually researched a few of them while playing.

So while writing this review I tried to incorporate thoughts of my own and the thoughts and opinions of other fans reviews who have played other Warriors games. I read quite a few reviews to see what thoughts and feelings the game’s community has been voicingObviously, it’s a “fan-service” game—nothing from it is original, and all of the characters come from different Koei Tecmo games, including the enemies.

Overall, Warriors All-Stars was a fun game to play, even for someone like me. I got into the game rather easily and continue to play it even after my review is finished! I’m so thankful I got to review this game because it has kind of opened new doors for me in the gaming world. For anyone looking to try out something new, check out Warriors All-Stars.

The game is officially out on Steam (PC), PS Vita, and PS4!


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Warriors All-Stars

Story - 7
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 6
Entertainment Value - 7


Just another 'Dynasty Warriors' game

Easy to learn and play for all ages and gaming levels. The hack and slash style makes battle extreme and satisfying! Warriors All-Stars is definitely a game for long-time fans, but players new to the 'Warriors' games can join in easily.

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