When the World Wars are depicted in movies and videogames, they’re often depicted as overly machismo and action-packed. There were tons of huge battles in both of those wars, but the really brutal parts were the lesser-known bits. The house-to-house combat, civilians just trying to survive their cities being bombed into rubble, much like what happened in Warsaw, Poland during WWII.

The game follows a lot of cues from Darkest Dungeon, where not only is it a turn-based RPG, it’s a survival game. You don’t just have to worry about your characters being gunned down by German soldiers in a battle, it’s the random events that affect you as well. You might go out looking for materials, and have one of your characters severely hurt or killed while checking a building. Imagine playing Oregon Trail, but on top of everything else, people sometimes just try to shoot and kill you. The art style perfectly mixes a beautiful color scheme with gritty, war-torn Warsaw.

I played the demo for about 20 minutes, and most of that time was spent in just a couple of combat situations. I had to constantly have my medic healing my squad, moving characters behind cover or behind other, beefier characters. When preparing for the mission, I didn’t pay much attention to what I was bringing, and that ended up almost totally screwing me. My squad was all but dead when I finished the mission, and I realized just how much thought had been put into the game. Fans of Darkest Dungeon should absolutely be keeping their eyes on this game, and I’m proud of how realistically it depicts WWII from a rarely-observed perspective.

Keep an eye out for this gem Q3 2019.

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