Watch a Wolf Puppet Decimate the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailers Roast Style

The Key of Awesome YouTube channel has busted out Frank the Wolf for one of its latest videos, and he hilariously roasts the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailers — and nerds in general — as he provides comedic voice overs for the scenes showcased in the promotional videos. Frank is a puppet anyway, so think of this skit as something similar to what you’d get with Triumph the Insult Dog.

Frank picks apart the two main trailer for The Last Jedi with commentary typically reserved for a Comedy Central Roast special. He lambastes the film, its cast, and even Star Wars Nation as he provides his own takes on what is happening in each scene. Being a huge Star Wars fan myself, I found most of his zingers to be quite hilarious, although I will admit that I kind of cringed when he went after Star Wars fans themselves by equating them to nerd loser virgins. I’m not sure why comedians always have to go that route when making fun of a franchise like Star Wars, because it’s just too easy. Anyone can make fun of a Star Wars fan by calling them a nerd or a loser, so I found those jokes to be a bit weak, but overall the bit is fantastic and very funny.

If you don’t take your Star Wars fandom too seriously I highly suggest checking the bit out above. If you have a sense of humor you’ll definitely chuckle more than a few times.


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