With a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie coming to theaters later this year an influx of TMNT content has been hitting the web and it’s only growing. The hyperactive, live action martial arts team behind the RivenX3i YouTube channel has created a heavily stylized ‘homage’ to the popular comic book, animated TV show and movie franchise.

The video features a dangerous display of martial arts based action that utilizes an iconic array of weaponry that fans of TMNT will be quick to recognize. The team behind the video have created previous live action works based off martial arts driven franchises and seem to be able to capture the heart and soul of a particular series, right down to a quick pizza pit stop during this video at 1:52. An impressive amount of work has gone in to producing this video with excellent camera shots and editing that arguably are on par visually with big budget action movies.

It should go without saying that you perhaps shouldn’t try to copy the performances in the video at home.

Aside from the pizza eating.


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