Watch: An “Ode to Garry’s Mod” a Brandon Laatsch VFX Short



Garry’s Mod is a PC sandbox physics game which puts the players in control of the game world, taking content from games based on the Source engine, such as Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and Portal.  Placing this content as well as user-created items in the game world, players can then manipulate them using the games two guns – the Physics Gun and the Tool Gun.

While the original game had no actual “objective”, players have used the basic structure to create a collection of items and game modes, such as the popular Trouble in Terrorist Town, a spin-off of the Counter-Strike franchise.  It is the creation aspect of Garry’s Mod that Freddie’s team has highlighted in the video.  There’s a lesson to be learned here folks: don’t pay enough attention to the elderly, and they just might start making rocket powered bathtubs.

Ode to Garry’s Mod


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