With Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft hoped to grasp the public with a shady protagonist in a world overrun by hackers. Unfortunately , the end result didn’t quite impress gamers as much as Ubisoft had hoped. Instead, we were given a shallow character with a relatively dull story in a world that begged to be toyed with.

It’s almost as if Ubisoft had played with the idea before fully deciding on where they were to take the franchise. The latest result could not be any more different than what we have already become witness to. Marcus is an agile and intelligent character that seemingly has a personality we will want to get to know.



Upon the sudden reveal of the Watch_Dogs 2 gameplay, we are granted a look at a mission that shows off a host of Marcus’s skills.

Marcus is part of Dedsec, a rebel group hellbent on stopping enemy hackers. This year’s take on Watch_Dogs, however, will be tapping into a modern age more than ever via internet memes and more. Watch_Dogs 2 really does look like it knows the audience it is targeting, and this is a very good thing indeed if the last entry is anything to go by.

As for Marcus himself, his fantastic mind and impressive parkour mean that he will well and truly conquer The Bay, expect to see much more on Watch_Dogs 2 leading up to its November 15th launch.


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