Watch Gears 5’s Escape Mode Gameplay With 4 Mutators

Gears 5 is introducing a new mode called Escape, where you and two others infiltrate a hive, plant a bomb, and get the hell out. The bomb is a toxic gas that slowly creeps through the hive, so it’s not something that blows up and instantly kills you. Tons of enemies will try to stop you on your way out, and at the end of the level, you’ve got to close a big, heavy door that slowly shuts while you try to stop anything and everything from coming out.

It’s a pretty cool idea, as the missions look like they barely last 10 minutes, so they’re nice little bite-sized chunks of gameplay. Not only that, but they’ve got Mutators that you can add that do things like increase the damage enemies take to kill (on top of whatever difficulty you have it on). Think of them like the skulls from the Halo series, and I think that’s pretty great, those were always one of the best parts of those games. Check out the gameplay above and let us know what you’re looking forward to the most in the game!

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