Watch How a GameStick Controller Gets Made in China

gamestick controller in china

A new Kickstarter update went out for the GameStick today, and it featured a few new photos and videos from PlayJam’s trip to the Chinese manufacturing facility that is making their hardware.  Oddly enough I’m a fan of the manufacturing process, probably because I spent nearly 7 years in the industry, so I found PlayJam’s videos of how their GameStick controllers get made to be quite intriguing.  I’ve embedded them down below for your viewing pleasure.

The first one shows off the types of stress tests being applied to the controller, while the second, albeit very dark, shows the stuffing process of getting the components onto the PCB board.  Like I said they’re pretty interesting, especially the stress test video, which is honestly quite violent.  Too bad they don’t have me in their testing the durability of these controllers during a gamer rage!  You’ve been liking watching how video game hardware gets made…

GameStick in China – QA/Testing

GameStick in China – Stuffer

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