Watch: Lava Flowing Over Ice Equals Violent Tranquility

Lava flowing over ice - Syracuse Lava Project
Lava flowing over ice - Syracuse Lava Project

A few really smart researchers from the Syracuse University Lava Project wanted to know what it looked like when scolding hot lava hit an ice flow, so they setup a little controlled experiment to see what would happen. The result is one of the most tranquil, yet violent videos of all-time. There’s something mesmerizing about watching the lava cool and bubble up as if it were boiling water being prepared for a box of Mac and Cheese. The reaction makes the lava seem less deadly even though it could melt through human flesh and bone in seconds.

This is just another video that proves how awesome nature’s power can be, as well as featuring Man’s penchant for experimentation. I doubt this science project will lead to world peace, or a cure for cancer, but it definitely has led to a fantastic display of controlled chaos. Head on down past the break to see what it looks like when lava hits an ice formation.

Lava on Ice Flow

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