Watch Russia Get it’s Own Mini-Armageddon Meteor Shower


Late last night Russia got hit with a meteor shower, and it honestly looked like something out of a science fiction film.  Luckily it seems as if everyone in Russia has a video camera mounted in their car, so a few amateur videos of the impressive force of nature have made their way online.  Down below I’ve embedded two of the best.

The first shows the sheer brightness of the space rock’s entry, while the second offers audio of the booming crash created by the falling meteors.  I must say that these videos closely resemble what Hollywood has portrayed in more than a few end of days films.  I think we’re under attack.  Bring on the aliens bitches!  You’ve been wishing this happened in your part of the world…

Russian Meteor Shower

Взрыв Челябинск (Translates to “Holy Shit Meteors are Loud)

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